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.The Journey.

What’s Up Journey Gangggg! It's your girl Bri! I started The Journey Journals,LLC in 2019 through Instagram (@TheJourneyJournals_) as a daily inspiration platform. After making a tough decision to leave college in 2017, I was thrust into an adult life that contained lots of decision making and identity shaping. Over the span of those discovery years, I found that helping people was my passion whether it be in the classroom or in my community. As a result, I’ve decided to use my God given voice to help others encourage themselves, conquer transparency and find purpose. If I could leave you with anything I would want you to know that...Jesus is the answer. To EVERYTHING. The bible never changes and there's something just for you in it.                                          

Isaiah 55:11

God IS.God CAN.God WILL.

Let’s Journey Together!